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Oil Tank Removal

Underground or Above Ground Oil Tank Removal

NJ best residential oil tank removal services.

Commercial/Residential Oil Tank Removals

Residential Heating Oil Tank Specialists – NJDEP Licensed for Commercial/Industrial Tank Removal

Certified Environmental will beat any written quote!!!

Certified Environmental has decades of combined experience in underground and above ground tank removals, soil and groundwater remediation, tank testing/certification, and underground tank property scanning.

Selling a property?  Don’t let an underground oil tank cause your sale to fall through!  Every underground tank is a liability and will become an issue at some point during the property transaction.  Deal with the issue before potential buyers are scared off and increase traffic to your house.

Certified Environmental will come to your home and provide a free estimate to remove your underground tank and can install an above ground oil tank.

The Tank Removal Process – The best time to removal your tank is when you don’t have to.  We will come to your home, determine the best course of action based on your preferences, provide a written quote, apply for the permit, and perform the complete tank removal/backfilling in one day.

Tank Testing – Certified Environmental will advance borings around your tank and screen the soil to provide an immediate determination of tank integrity.  Soil samples are collected and taken to a NJDEP licensed laboratory to quantify the amount of oil contamination in the soil.  Upon receipt of laboratory results, a Report of Findings for your tank will be provided to you to document the condition of your tank.

Electronic Scanning – If you are unsure if there is a buried tank, we can electronically scan the property and provide a written report.  Know what you are buying!

Leaky Tanks – Certified Environmental is licensed by the NJDEP to perform soil and/or groundwater remediation.  Our extensive experience has resulted in the issuance of hundreds of No Further Action letters by the NJDEP to allow property owners to sell their property and get on with their lives.

NJDEP Leaky Tank Grant – The NJDEP currently offers a grant to property owners who: are performing remediation at their primary residence; make less than $250,000 per year; and have a net worth less than $500,000 (not counting primary residence or retirement accounts).  Certified Environmental will assist in applying for the grant for free to get you money!

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According to The American Petroleum Institute, underground tanks last about 20 years.  Because they are out of sight, they can cause damage without your knowledge.  This damage could occur over years of use and may not be noticeable during the course of the normal tank usage.