• DEC # 13VH02010700 | NJDEP # US 243905 | A-901 # SW 2966 | NJDEP LAB # 13035
    Radon# MIB#93612
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Soil and Groundwater Sampling and Remediation

NJ Ground Water Sampling.

Groundwater Sampling

We are a NJDEP certified laboratory for the collection of low flow samples – Doing the tasks in-house saves our clients time, labor, and money. The samples are then delivered to another certified laboratory for the specific analysis. Once returned, we prepare our report of findings.

Soil Sampling

Collecting soil samples for a potential home owner or a commercial property, all our sampling protocols comply with the NJDEP Sampling guide – Prospective home buyers, with an underground oil tank, need to know if the tank has impacted the soil or not. We collect soil from around the tank and send it to a NJDEP laboratory for analysis – Commercial properties are all different, requiring the LSRP for sampling plans.