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    Radon# MIB#93612
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NJ’s most reliable Oil Tank Removal, Groundwater Sampling/Testing, Radon Services/Testing, Soil Sampling/Testing, NJDEP certified.

Certified Services
Some of the services we can do for you:

Oil Tank Removal  
When the tank is having problems the first thing to do is remove the source of impact to the environment – We can remove and dispose of potential problems. Usually the oil has some water mixed in making it unusable in the burner.

Groundwater Sampling
We are a NJDEP certified laboratory for the collection of low flow samples – Doing the tasks in-house saves our clients time, labor, and money. The samples are then delivered to another certified laboratory for the specific analysis. Once returned, we prepare our report of findings.

Soil Sampling
Collecting soil samples for a potential home owner or a commercial property, all our sampling protocols comply with the NJDEP Sampling guide – Prospective home buyers, with an underground oil tank, need to know if the tank has impacted the soil or not. We collect soil from around the tank and send it to a NJDEP laboratory for analysis – Commercial properties are all different, requiring the LSRP for sampling plans.    Soil Sampling

Industrial Site Recovery Act (ISRA)
Facilities in New Jersey with certain North American Industry Classifications System (NAICS) codes are subject to ISRA Intending to Close – Transfer Ownership – Selling – Corporate Reorganization – Change of Controlling Interest Certified Environmental- through our LSRP – can make the determination if ISRA applies to your business. The LSRP can also issue the determination letter.

Phase I, and Phase II Work
Widely accepted by financial institutions. Before making an investment in a commercial property, the lenders want as much information as possible about the parcel. We review all the public information available and make a field visit to identify the area of concern. The information is compiled into a report. Depending upon the information collected both historic and from physical site visits, we may suggest Phase II sample collection. ASTM-E1527-13

NJDEP Certified Laboratory #13035
Certified Environmental Contractors, LLC has been granted a laboratory status in New Jersey. We are now qualified to collect low flow samples from monitor wells for analysis. This means that since we collect the samples and deliver them directly to the laboratory that saves our clients time and labor which equates to money.

• NJDEP tank removal program
We have been with the program since it’s inception. Feel free to call us with any questions.
• NJDEP grants
We are experts in the paperwork. Leave it to us.

Child Care Centers  
Child Care Centers require the LSRP. The centers must be evaluated periodically and also require evaluation if they are being enlarged – If you have a Child Care Center you also NEED an LSRP to work with you.

Home Owner Concerns
The main concern for homeowners is usually the underground oil tank or some issue associated with the tank. LSRP services are not required for the usual underground tank removal less than 2001 gallons. Based upon removing hundreds of underground tanks we find about 20% are leaking and require remediation of some sort. A very small percentage of that 20% (about 2%) will require extensive remediation. That’s just our unofficial survey.

Due Diligence
Reasonable steps taken by a person in order to satisfy a legal requirement, especially in buying or selling something. When you are ready to purchase that new home, you want to know that you are not stepping into a liability. Before you consider investing in property of any kind, you have the need to know as much as possible about the investment – both residential as well as commercial.

We can:
• Scan for underground tanks
• Remove underground tanks
• Install above ground tanks
• Clean up leaking tanks