• DEC # 13VH02010700 | NJDEP # US 243905 | A-901 # SW 2966 | NJDEP LAB # 13035
    Radon# MIB#93612
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Radon Warranty

NJ Radon Testing and Remediation Services.
NJ Radon Testing and Remediation Services.

RADON – MIB#93612

Certified Environmental specializes in all aspects of radon testing and radon mitigation in NJ. We repair and service old systems and fans, as well as installing new radon systems. Our licensed radon mitigation specialists are on every job site to insure quality professional work.

All radon systems installed by Certified Environmental are under guarantee and warranty for a period of 1 year from the date of installation and include parts and labor. This covers the workmanship, materials, and a radon level below 4pCi/L. Most radon fans come with a five year manufacturers warranty. The guarantee and warranty are transferable with the sale of the property.

Certified Environmental offers a no risk guarantee on all mitigation system installations, if we cannot mitigate your home there is NO cost to you.