• DEC # 13VH02010700 | NJDEP # US 243905 | A-901 # SW 2966 | NJDEP LAB # 13035
    Radon# MIB#93612
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Radon Services

RADON – MIB#93612

Radon Testing and Mitigation Services:
• Radon-in-Air testing with EPA open-faced charcoal canister
• Sealed radon testing for real-estate transactions
• Radon testing in schools & commercial buildings
• Radon mitigation of residential buildings
• Radon mitigation of commercial structures
• Existing mitigation systems inspections and service

Every radon system we install is unique dependent upon the home itself. We send a certified radon specialist to the house for every radon estimate to ensure proper system design and accuracy of the price quote. The price we give you on the estimate is the price the installation will cost, there are no surprise or hidden fees.

Certified Environmental offers a no risk guarantee on all mitigation system installations, if we cannot mitigate your home there is NO cost to you.